(Video) Female Ted Cruz Lookalike Agrees To Do Porn For Some Serious Cash

Today in weird news we have an odd case of cashing in on 5 minute fame. Searcy Hayes appeared on the Maury show which aired on Monday April 18th. By Monday night she went viral after viewers compared her to be the female twin of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Hayes went on the show in typical Maury fashion of her fiancee accusing her of cheating, resulting in a DNA test to prove their 3 month old baby was indeed his.

(Video) 11 Yr Old Boy Arrested For Purse Snatching On MTA Bus

Police have identified the suspect they have been looking for since February 26 to be an 11 year old boy. The boy has been arrested and charged with grand larceny. Surveillance footage from inside the bus show him snatching a 53 year old woman’s purse and running off just as the bus doors were opening.

DEA Allows Research On Smoking Medicinal Marijuana!!

While the official/unofficial weed holiday 4/20 may have passed, it looks like marijuana enthusiasts might want to toke up again for this one.

Missing Florida Teens Boat Found 9 Months After Disappearing

The discovery of a boat off the Bermuda coast has been identified as belonging to two 14 year old boys who never returned from a fishing trip. Last summer Florida teens Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos got lost at sea after some severe weather hit.

Tech: Prince’s Death Creates Piracy Surge!!

We lost a legend yesterday after having learned of Prince’s early passing. A lot of people honored him by listening to his music. However, his death also triggered thousands of illegal downloads of his music, something he avidly fought against.

(Video) Marvel’s New Movie “Doctor Strange” Called Out For Whitewashing

Remember the #Oscarssowhite twitter movement? Doctor Strange is the latest film to be called out. In the past the offenses have been about white actors portraying ancient Egyptians in movies like Exodus but this time the backlash goes to an Asian comic character.

(Video) Samuel L. Jackson Tells Fan ‘Fu** You’

Earlier this week a fan went to Twitter to vent about one of his favorite actors turning him down for a photo op. “That moment when you meet one of your favorite actors & they are a COMPLETE D–K!!!!!!!!! What an arrogant PUNK! Right @SamuelLJackson ????”. Fitz claimed to be polite while asking stating that he repeatedly asked if he could please get a picture with Samuel.

(Video) Man Befriends Crooked Cop Who Sent Him To Jail!

In today’s political climate we are constantly hearing of crooked cops, police brutality and racial discrimination. Many have harbored negative feelings towards America’s police for these reasons. Jameel McGee from Benton Harbor, Michigan has taken a different approach.

(Videos) Bernie Supporter Schools Fox Host!

(Video) School Administrators Threaten Kindergartener With a Wooden Paddle

A Georgia mother now holds regrets for granting permission to school administrators to inflict corporal punishment on her 5-year-old son.

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