(Video) Microsoft Issues an Apology For Having Half Naked ‘Dancing School Girls’ at Party

Women in Tech has become a real ‘hot button’ issue, the fact that Women in Tech account for a very low percentage of actual hires at the big companies, so when Microsoft hired some women to work an after party for the SF Game Developers conference you would think it was good, BUT….

(Photos) NBA: Kevin Hart Responds With Anger To Clippers Owner’s Racist Comments

Kevin Hart might be a funny man, but racism is no joke to him! He responded to Donald Sterling’s racist comments via twitter, and like Snoop Dogg, you can just feel his outrage through his words. Kevin has actually attended quite a few Clippers games and those floor seats aren’t cheap. Then to find out the man responsible for those prices would probably prefer black people to not even attend would enrage me just like it did with Kevin. Hit the jump.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Sparks Outrage: Unhappy Viewers Create Petition

If you were watching VH1 on Monday, it would’ve been hard to miss the brand new season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (watch the episode here, if you missed it). I think everyone can agree that it was pretty ratchet! While most people can write it off as entertainment, the depiction of black women is not sitting too well with a lot of women. Hit the jump for details. Gernique N

Ice Cream Flavor Name Causing Controversy

Ben and Jerry’s, the famous ice cream company, has sparked outrage with the title of their newest, limited time only flavor. The flavor name “Schweddy Balls” was inspired by a Saturday Night Live skit. The group One Million Moms has called for a boycott of the flavor and the company until the name is changed. Read more after the jump. @Julie1205

(Video) Toddlers & Tiaras Fury Continues: 3-Year-Old Dressed in “Pretty Woman” Prostitute Costume

These beauty pageant mothers need a psychiatric evaluation!!! Earlier this week, the internet was in an uproar over 4-year-old Maddy’s fake breasts and butt padding for her Dolly Parton costume. Now, people are even more outraged by a new clip of a 3-year-old dressed up as Julia Roberts in the opening scene of the film Pretty Woman in which she is a prostitute. Hit the jump for the video!! @ItsLukieBaby

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