(Photos) Mercedes Benz Reveals Futuristic Car Concept

Mercedes Benz has just released some super dope images of a car concept that is very appealing to the eye. The new design idea is catching attention and to many car lovers is a real piece of eye candy.

(Fellas Check The Pics) NBA: So THIS Is The Woman Who Made James Harden Put Amber Rose In The Friend Zone?

With social media the way it is today, rumors fly faster and more often than planes taking off each day from airports around the country. You know, rumors like Amber Rose only sent that emotional WCW post about Wiz Khalifa because James Harden didn’t want more with her and decided to just be friends. You might think to yourself why would the bearded one want to be just friends with Amber? But then you hear this new rumor that the reason for that is another chick who happens to be located much closer to Harden than Amber was. That woman is Jessica Kylie, an “Instagram model” right from H-town! Fellas if you were Harden, would you dead Amber for Jessica? Check the gallery!

(Graphic Pics) Sports: Sheesh! Tony Hawk’s Gnarly Leg Injury From Skating

OMG, Beware if you’re the type with a weak stomach. Tony Hawk has yet another injury resulting in a CRAZY leg injury. Have you ever seen a hole ripped open in anyone’s leg?! Well, if not, hit the jump to check out Hawk’s skateboard accident injury BEFORE the many stitches…

(18+ Photos) And Another! Actress Winona Ryder Leaked Nudes Hit The Web!

Well maybe…The word is Winona Ryder is the latest victim of the iCloud hacker. Reports are saying the same method of leaking to the photo sharing blog 4chan has occurred, and most interesting is a few days ago the original group of celebrities got together and gave notice to google for a $100M price tag on the paperwork(they’re suing google).

NBA: Trey Burke Reacts To His Penis Pics Being Leaked

Yesterday Utah Jazz point guard Trey Burke’s d*ck pics leaked (ladies you can view them here) & today he’s put out a statement regarding the embarrassing matter. Check out what he had to say…

(Photos) Sports: Check The Pics! Serena Williams Spotted At The Beach & Yes, Her A$$ Is On Display

Fresh off of her US Open victory, Williams was spotted with the popular actress over the weekend, and Serena sure looks amazing! Hit the jump for pics.

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