Mercedes Benz has just released some super dope images of a car concept that is very appealing to the eye. The new design idea is catching attention and to many car lovers is a real piece of eye candy.

Internationally known car company Mercedes Benz may have just come up with the concept of the future in automobiles. The German car company has been working towards a fresh, new looking vehicle that can be the next look in the cars of the future. The concept was revealed at this year’s Frankfurt motor show.

IAA stands for “Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile” which is exactly how this piece of art looks. The design of the car consists of a shiny silver finish, and a very sleek body design. The car makers claim that under 50 MPH the vehicle remains the same, but above that speed they say the car actually changes shapes, elongates or contracts at different points for the car to perform to the best of its abilities. The designers have also mentioned that the car isn’t just a good look, it performs extremely well also. The car has a whopping 275 horse power and can reach a top speed of about 155 miles per hour

Check out the photos in the gallery, is it a good look for Mercedes?

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Source: BBC