Travi$ Scott Awkwardly Dodges Rihanna Questions On ‘Highly Questionable’. Hop into the post for the video and details! #IFWT!

Travi$ Scott is in a pretty great place right now considering he JUST released his debut album ‘Rodeo’ last week. His album ‘Rodeo is steadily climbing the charts and he’s bringing Justin Bieber out during concerts, but all anyone seems to want to talk about are the rumors surrounding his relationship with Rihanna. Rihanna and Travi$ Scott have been spotted getting very comfortable with each other in public partaking in activities that make many ponder on whether the two artists are just homies or something more. The show hosts asked him about it and it doesn’t quite look like they got the answer they wanted.

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The ‘Highly Questionable’ show host asked Travi$ Scott “Has your mom said anything to you, is she asking at all about the pictures all over the place of you appearing to date Rihanna?”

Travi$ Scott kind of responds , but ends up squirming in a very uncomfortable manner for the rest of the interview as a result. When the show host asked Travi$ Scott how he and Rihanna met it gets even more awkward.

Travi$ Scott’s response was :

“Fuck, we met in the studio, working on her album,” Scott says. “I co-produced ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.’ So yeah.”

“Look at his body language, I’m sorry about what we just did to you,” Batard says.

“I hate y’all, man,” Travi$ laughs

Watch the whole interview below! #IFWT!