(Video) NJ Cops Being Investigated For Making Rap Video About Gangsta Lifestyle!

Four New Jersey Cops are being investigated for having rap videos portraying the gangsta lifestyle, bragging about having guns and being about that life. The Mayor of their county has said they will take in consideration their 1st amendment rights, and also the fact that they weren’t working as cops at the time of the video before they take any action. Click below to watch their video.

(Video) Agree Or Disagree, Is This The Right Step To Take?!?!

The White House is considering to find some room to fit a new budget for Police Officers to be public schools across the nation during school hours. Do you think this is the right step to take, let us know and check out the video after the jump! AliTheGreatest

LMAO! Frank Ocean Tweets About His Run In With The Police

The other day Frank Ocean had a little run in with the police after they pulled him over for peeding, driving on a suspended license, tints on his windows, and marijuana possession. At first Frank was rumored to be pulled over for being sexual in public, but that wasn’t the case. Yesterday, the singer took to his Twitter account to address his run in with police officers and it was hilarious to me. Check out the tweets in the gallery. Julie A.

3 Police Officers Shot At NJ Police Station

Three police officers were shot at yesterday at 5:45 a.m. in Gloucester Township, NJ. Two officers were treated with simply graze injuries, while the other needs extensive surgery but is expected to make a full recovery. The man, who was shot and killed after the shooting, was being held in the station following an arrest. Read more below. Julie A.

Jenni Rivera’s Family Disgusted By Crash Footage

Jenni Rivera passed away in a plane crash this past weekend and if that wasn’t horrific enough for her family, footage of the crash that caused her death hit the internet. As we reported, two Mexican police officers have been arrested for leaking the footage. The footage has not been confirmed as authentic, but the family is in belief that the video is real due to items in it and her remains. It’s disgusting to me that not only was the footage released (and probably sold for a large amount of money) but that people who are supposed to “help” others were the ones who captured it, SMH. Read more below. Julie A.

(Video) Man Gets Tackled By Police Officers Right Before He Pulls The Trigger On Himself

This is when you know when you are a waste of life, when you can’t even kill yourself. Click below to see this suicide fail. Click below to see the pic. @WiLMajor

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