Tech Talk Device: Playstation Vita A Big Let Down???

Well in a way Yes, Not the Device it’s self, but he fact that it Will NOT…..Ahhh Hit the Jump! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: Playstation Vita aka PSP 2 Gets Release Date???

Word is that the Playstation Vita aka PSP2 will drop in Oct, now I reported that this would be in the UK, but it could very well hit thee US then too, which would give cash strapped Gamers time to get their money together for the holidays to gift to one another!! Hit the Jump for exactly when. Tat WZA WZA on Google+

PS2 Becomes Portable??

Yes, but maybe not for all, a Modder(Modifier) has taken a PS2 and put it in a much smaller form, as you can see, but see how he did it in Details. @TatWza

The Official PSP2 Codenamed “NGP”!!!!

This is the Official PSP2 codenamed NGP for Next Generation Portable, This This Is So Crazy, Eat your Heart Out 3DS SEE DETAIL. @TatWza

What Are You Gonna Buy Nintendo 3DS Or Sony PSP2???

VSOk Then is a Little Unfair since the 3DS has an Official Release Date, physical Form, and even Games, But The PSP2 legend thus far has over peeked our interest (and when I say ‘Our’, I mean everybody!), Both units will have a hefty price tag, and although you(The fanatic you are) will Probably buy one 1st, then save your money back up then get the other, well we want to know which one will you get 1st??? @TatWza Which One Will You Buy 1st?? Nintendo 3DS Sony PSP2 Web Polls

Did Sony Leak This Picture Of The PSP2???

Word is, is that this is a picture taken of a picture on some type of print media, I mean really, are we that thirsty for official shots of the Powerful Device? UHHH Yes!! But The Real PSP2 Will stand up Soon. @TatWza

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