The Official PSP2 Codenamed “NGP”!!!!

This is the Official PSP2 codenamed NGP for Next Generation Portable, This This Is So Crazy, Eat your Heart Out 3DS SEE DETAIL. @TatWza

What Are You Gonna Buy Nintendo 3DS Or Sony PSP2???

VSOk Then is a Little Unfair since the 3DS has an Official Release Date, physical Form, and even Games, But The PSP2 legend thus far has over peeked our interest (and when I say ‘Our’, I mean everybody!), Both units will have a hefty price tag, and although you(The fanatic you are) will Probably buy one 1st, then save your money back up then get the other, well we want to know which one will you get 1st??? @TatWza Which One Will You Buy 1st?? Nintendo 3DS Sony PSP2 Web Polls

Did Sony Leak This Picture Of The PSP2???

Word is, is that this is a picture taken of a picture on some type of print media, I mean really, are we that thirsty for official shots of the Powerful Device? UHHH Yes!! But The Real PSP2 Will stand up Soon. @TatWza

Will The Best PSP2 Please Stand Up!!!

The PSP2 is said to have an inch bigger Touchscreen OLED screen, Download & hard copy games, Graphics like PS3, and 3G connectivity. Take the poll let me know what you’d prefer? Don’t be afraid to click on the pics to get a better look! @TatWza Which PSP2 Version Would You Prefer? Concept PSP2 Real PSP2 Web Polls

Is This The Actual PSP2????

We showed you what was said to be the PSP2 but this one is Rumored To Make it’s 1st real appearance at CES, but PSMagazine is saying this is what PSP2 Could actually Look Like! We’ll keep you posted!! @TatWza

PSP2 to get an inch Bigger Screen!

In what is expected to be the most significant hardware revision since the PSP was first released in 2004, the PSP2 picture seems to take a clearer shape with each passing week. Now, Kotaku claims to have confirmed some important details surrounding the highly anticipated handheld. The blog has apparently confirmed rumors with several sources that Sony’s PSP2 will sport a rear-facing touch panel. The panel is described as a “big mouse trackpad,” though details on exactly how it will be implemented are still unclear. The report goes on to state that the display on the PSP2 will be sharper than the screen on the current PSP, and it will also be 1-inch larger. Sony is reportedly describing the display as “HD” in private meetings. In slightly more troubling news, the company may be having overheating problems with its current prototype hardware, but release delays are not expected. Sony is said to be targeting a release date some time in fall 2011 for the PSP2. @TatWza

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