NFL: Baltimore Ravens GM Testifies That Commissioner Goodell Had Prior Knowledge Of Ray Rice Incident

The Ray Rice incident shook the NFL over the summer and throughout the entire ordeal, Roger Goodell appeared to stand firm on his stance that he had very little details about the incident. During Rice’s appeal, Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome testified that Rice informed Goodell of the incident before it was exposed to the public. Hit the jump for details.

(Photos) NFL: What Made This Star Player Leave Twitter Behind??

I am surprised more athletes don’t leave twitter considering the level of ignorance some fans are able to portray towards them while hiding behind 140 characters. Baltimore Ravens star wideout, Steve Smith has had enough of the social media giant and will no longer be using it. The reason behind his decision? Smith feels eventually he is going to wind up trying to kill someone based off comments on his feed! Hit the jump.

NFL: Ray Lewis Comments On His Friendship With His Former Teammate Ray Rice

When Rice’s domestic violence video was revealed to the public last month, Lewis blasted his actions and claimed that Rice put “a lot of people in jeopardy” with his actions. In a recent interview, the Ravens legend spoke on the status of their friendship. Hit the jump for details.

(Audio) NFL: Ouch! ESPN Anchor Goes In On Commissioner Goodell

Goodell has been criticized heavily for the handling of the Ray Rice mess, but ESPN commentator Bill Simmons took the criticism to another level and flat out called the commissioner a “liar”. Damn. Hit the jump for details.

(Photos) NFL Beef: Uh-Oh, He’s Got Jokes?! Did Former Teammate Steve Smith Go Hard at Cam Newton?!

WR Steve Smith is now with the Ravens and there’s a tweet floating around that he went hard at former teammate Cam Newton on Twitter.  Now I never saw the alleged original tweet (yes we have a screenshot of it though), but apparently he had something “bitter” to say about Cam Newton (and his outfit).  Fans then went at Steve asking why he said what he allegedly said — his response?!  He’s denying he had anything to do with the tweet.  Hmmmm… Check it out & let us know what you think???

Ravens Owner Speaks on Ray Rice Investigation

Steve Bisciotti finally speaks out on the Ravens player, Ray Rice. We all now know the story allegedly and have viewed the video several times. Hearing from the owner is now something new to all of us. Bisciotti says, “they are building a case for reinstatment and the way to build a case is to make everyone look like they are lying”

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