Puff Daddy Says Kendrick Lamar Is Why He Re-Released His Album

After Puff Daddy released his free project MMM as a mixtape last month, yesterday (December 18) he released it for purchase as a full album. He cites Kendrick Lamar as the reasoning behind this marketing strategy among a few other notable names. Hit the jump for the full story.

NFL: Washington Redskins’ PR Gives Reason For Rushing QB Colt From Interview!

After clips going viral of the Redskins’ PR rushing Colt McCoy away from the press following Monday night’s game against the Cowboys, the Public Relations personnel has let us know the REAL reason behind taking McCoy from the interviewers. Apparently, the coach and staff didn’t want Colt to “miss the coach’s post game speech!” Hit the jump for further juice on this story!

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Thinks He Knows The Reason LeBron Returned To Cleveland

I’m sure there were a number of reasons LeBron James chose to leave the Heat & return to the Cavs, but in a recent interview with Carmelo Anthony — he thinks he has the answer. Check it out…

NBA: Here’s The Reason Pau Gasol Signed With The Bulls

I’ve always believed that you go with your gut, so for his sake — he better hope his instincts are right.  Pau Gasol revealed WHY he chose the Bulls over the Spurs and Thunder. Check it out…

(Fellas Check The Warning 18 & Over Pics) Another Reason Why People Are Obsessed With Sex!!!!

Here is another reason why people are obsessed with sex. Click below to see the pics.

(PHOTOS) NBA: Revealed!! Here’s Why Moving Trucks Were at LeBron’s Home in Miami Yesterday

Fans lost it on Twitter yesterday when moving trucks were spotted outside of LeBron James’ home in Miami. Many assumed it meant he was on his way to Cleveland. It makes sense that some fans would jump to that conclusion, but we now have confirmation as to what was really happening. Check it out…

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