(Photos) Chris Brown Posts Picture Of His Daughter Royalty, Then Deletes It

Chris Brown’s visit from his daughter Royalty and her mother Nia Guzman at the Houston stop of his Between The Sheets tour seemed to hit a soft spot, as Breezy posted a picture of his little one to his Instagram shortly afterward with the caption, “Il ya.” (Meaning I love ya.) He took it down pretty quickly, though, likely because it really stood as his first confirmation of the news. Perhaps he wants to speak out on the matter in a more formal way, or maybe he never wants to address it and leave little Royalty out of the media! Who knows! Either way, Breezy is clearly remaining tight-lipped on the matter for now, but of course the picture he posted lives on the web through a glorious screenshot. She is SUCH a cutie! Check out the pic in the gallery.

(Photos) Chris Brown’s Daughter Is Treated Like “ROYALTY” With VIP Access At His Show!

Well, well, well… looks like Chris Brown is stepping up and doing daddy/daughter things with his 9-month-old baby girl, Royalty. Chris had a concert Monday night in Houston and he had a limo sent to pick up his baby mama Nia Guzman, her half-sister and his seed at the hotel where they were staying to bring them to his show with full VIP access. Prior to the Between The Sheets concert, the little family all gathered on Brown’s tour bus where he spent some QT with Royalty. From the looks of it, Breezy is trying to be the best father he can, due to the surprising and unexpected circumstances. POOR KARRUECHE! She better go bag her Drake or something to prove a point, shhhhhhiiieeeeeeetttt. #TheseDogsAintLoyal Check out some flicks captured by the photogs over in the gallery! She is an ADORABLE little baby (by far the cutest celebrity baby I’ve ever seen).

(Photos) Baby Mama Drama Already?! Chris Brown Heads To Family Court Over 9 Month Old Daughter Royalty

I’m guessing fatherhood is not as dope Chris Brown initially thought it would be, after impregnating some random. Scratches head. It looks like there’s baby mama drama already?! Chris Brown heads to family court over 9 month old daughter Royalty. Yup. See why inside.

(Video) She Ain’t Worried ‘Bout Nothin! Karrueche Hits The Town After Breezy Babygate + More Baby Details

Here’s the latest in Breezy Babygate! So far, we’ve learned that Chris Brown is the father to a 9-month-old baby girl that resides in Houston, Texas with her mother, Nia. We’ve also learned that Nia is a former “Instagram model” that likes to show her body off in the clubs, and had another man believing he was the father up until TMZ revealed that it’s Breezy’s baby. We’ve ALSO learned that Karrueche is not with the sh*ts, and has since kicked her on-again/off-again boyfriend to the curb. Now for the new tea! As I speculated, the baby’s name is confirmed to be Royalty. No word on the last name just yet, though. Despite reports that Karrueche “knew” Nia because of the photos, they apparently have only met very briefly while out, and hardly know each other at all. As for Chris’ involvement, he reportedly calls Nia regularly and now says he wants to openly participate in raising the baby, adding that he’ll gladly fly there regularly to parent her. Now for the REAL juicy stuff, though…

Karrueche RUSHES To The Clinic After Finding Out About Chris Brown’s Raw Dogging Ways!

…It was all good just a week ago! After news broke about Chris Brown’s love child with Houston model Nia Gonzalez, this was apparently what it took for Karrueche Tran to finally be done with her on-again, off-again Breezy bae. Sources close to Karrueche have revealed that she is currently fearing for her kitty cat’s life (and no, we do not mean the animal). Tran rushed to the clinic ASAP Rocky after finding out about Breezy’s dirty raw dogging ways that resulted in a little baby named Royalty. Although I hate to break it to her, but she probably should have BEEN done that buttttttttt… I’m sleep doe. A source reveals:

“Karrueche’s day will be spent in the doctors office. She’s rethinking everything Chris ever told her. She’s keeping her fingers crossed that she doesn’t have any STD’s. She was gone for a month working on a film and had sex with him before she left and when she came back. She’s hoping she doesn’t have to pay for it now. S*** just got real.

However, Karrueche is apparently dunzo with CB for good this time. “She’s removing herself from Chris Brown entirely,” the source reveals. “She doesn’t care about her clothes and all the other things at his house. She never, ever wants to see him again or be in his presence. She’s absolutely disgusted by him and his deceiving and manipulative ways.” We just have one question for Mr. Brown– Breezy, why didn’t you reach up in…

The Name Of Chris Brown’s 9-Month-Old Daughter Is Revealed!

Majority of the world is still in utter disbelief over the news that broke of Chris Brown fathering a 9-month-old baby girl with Houston model who goes by the name “Nia.” Although most of us are still shocked, Breezy’s dirty dog ways were going to catch up with him eventually but this takes the cake. According to sources, Chris and Nia’s daughter goes by the name “Royalty.” Although there is no proof of whether or not Nia consulted CB prior to giving their daughter that specific name, it’s too late because that is the name printed on the baby’s birth certificate. Sources also reveal that Chris is “extremely happy” to become a father and plans to fly back and forth to Houston to help parent his seed. He has yet to publicly address the baby issue but as we all know, Breezy does not hold back via social media so I’m sure a long, intense rant is coming any day now. As for Karrueche– she claims she’s done after tweeting out “Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.” Only time will tell if CB’s ride or die GF stays by his side during this topsy turvy time in their already dysfunctional relationship.

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