(Photos) Chris Brown Confirms Being A Daddy & Posts An Adorable Pic With His “Twin” Royalty

It has been a long journey for Chris Brown over the past few years, but it seems as if fatherhood is changing him for the better. After recently finding out he fathered a “love child” with Houston-based model Nia Guzman, Chris has vowed to become a better man since he IS a dad now. However, he did not 100% confirm that the baby is his until now. Breezy took to his Instagram page to post some ADORABLE photos with his daughter, calling Royalty his “twin.” Mind you, they’re wearing the same color outfit and it is absolutely precious. Although Breezy’s baby mama Nia’s boyfriend who has been raising Royalty since the rip says he wants to take over as the father regardless if Royalty is his or not, CB does not plan on letting that slide. Can somebody say… JERRRRRRYYYY JERRRRRY!

(Photos) Chris Brown’s Baby Mama’s Boyfriend Is Still Playing Daddy To Royalty

A Houston man by the name of Brazil (aka Ba) was dating Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia, and believed he was Royalty’s father until DNA tests proved otherwise. Despite the drama, he and Nia are apparently working it out, and according to his Instagram page, he’s stepping up and continuing his father duties.

Been A Dad Still A Dad.. Minus All the Nonsense That Been Going On We Still Kick It ..Still Keep It Cool. #MyStank

Ba, Nia and Royalty are still residing in Houston, but upon Chris‘ return from his brief tour in Africa, he’s likely going to continue his quest to convince Nia and Royalty to move to Los Angeles. Wonder if he’s ready to accept Ba as part of that deal too?

(Photos) Chris Brown Is Coming For Karrueche Again

Chris Brown and Karrueche aren’t together at the moment because of that whole having a baby with another woman thing, but as we all expected would happen, it looks like Chris is back on the prowl for Kae. Again. True to their typical formula, Breezy started following Kae again last night on Instagram, so I’m SURE it’s only a matter of time before we see another development here. Sigh…

Chris Brown Only Wants ONE Thing For His Birthday…

Entertainer Chris Brown is only asking for one thing for his birthday this year and no, it is NOT a big booty heaux. As we’ve reported earlier, Breezy is begging his baby moms to move to Los Angeles close to him so he can see his 9-month-old daughter Royalty as much as possible. However, for his birthday, which he will be turning 26 on May 5th, he wants his baby mama Nia Guzman to not only move to LA but to move into his home with their child. “He’s making it a priority to see her every day and that can only happen when she’s in L.A.” the source close to CB explained. “He’s making arrangements to give Nia $5,000 on the first of the month, so she can purchase a few items like a crib and things for Royalty’s room for when they move here. Things are in motion big time with them.” From the looks of it, Chris is really trying to get the award for Daddy of The Year and we are NOT mad at him! Sometimes, people need a little baby loving to make them calm down, take a seat and get their sh*t straight. Seems like this was the only way Breezy could get his life back on track completely. However, Nia already has an older daughter so we’re not quite sure how that’s going to pan out. As for Karrueche.. well, we all know where she stands after her interview on Fix My Life. Although…

Chris Brown Offers To Move Baby Mama & Daughter To L.A. To Be Closer To Him!

Most of the time when we hear these horror stories of celebs having “break babies,” they tend to want nothing to do with the child nor the mother who gave birth. However, Chris Brown is proving us ALL wrong. He recently reached out to 31-year-old Nia Guzman, the model who he knocked up, to give her a proposition. Sources close to Chris said he wants to move Guzman and their baby Royalty to Hollywood Hills so they could be closer to him. As of now, they reside in Houston and it is way too far for Brown. Sources also reveal he wants to be able to see Royalty every single day, which is VERY commendable now-a-days. He is currently paying Nia off the books WAY more than he’s supposed to for child support, but apparently he got mad that she’s speaking publicly about their past relations to the media. He said if she continues, they’ll go to court so she can receive only the court mandated amount along with paying for her housing expenses if she makes the move to California. Ump, hello! Sounds like an amazing deal to me. Is it really that easy? This chick will have her own reality TV show in no time. SMH! #MustBeNice

(Video) SO Cute! Watch Chris Brown’s Daughter As She Sees Her Daddy’s Music Video

Chris Brown’s daughter may have only just met her daddy, but she’s already in love! A new Instagram clip has gone viral, showing lil’ Royalty watching Breezy’s “New Flame” music video on her grandma’s iPhone, and her reaction is too cute! Check out the adorable video below.

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