It has been a long journey for Chris Brown over the past few years, but it seems as if fatherhood is changing him for the better. After recently finding out he fathered a “love child” with Houston-based model Nia Guzman, Chris has vowed to become a better man since he IS a dad now. However, he did not 100% confirm that the baby is his until now. Breezy took to his Instagram page to post some ADORABLE photos with his daughter, calling Royalty his “twin.” Mind you, they’re wearing the same color outfit and it is absolutely precious.

Although Breezy’s baby mama Nia’s boyfriend who has been raising Royalty since the rip says he wants to take over as the father regardless if Royalty is his or not, CB does not plan on letting that slide. Can somebody say… JERRRRRRYYYY JERRRRRY!

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