Either one man has massive illusions or it’s just too hard to ignore the alleged #facts of his missing bae. The screenshots and social media evidence are mounting…Did Dej Loaf Just Get Outed Taking Someone’s Wife?!

Why would someone put someone else on blast like this? Well either he’s being paid off—or the reasons would have to include extreme anger, confusion, feelings of betrayal and helplessness…because one man is seriously beside himself and begging the question, Did Dej Loaf Just Get Outed Taking Someone’s Wife?

Apparently New York rapper FLY TYY was wondering ‘where oh where’ was wifey…his ring-on-it bae Kara who was reportedly hairstylist to the Detroit native. Upon finding out the two were getting comfortable he unfortunately decided to turn up* a couple notches and go public—reposting messages of the two after going through Kara’s phone (yikes). According to him and as reported by Hot 97 (who spoke with Dej on guys and/or girls before), the two were getting more than close and if it’s not ultimately true Dej Loaf Just Get Outed Taking Someone’s Wife, then the “Dej Loaf” in the screenshots has quite the level of game!

While much of the net is asking Did Dej Loaf Just Get Outed Taking Someone’s Wife the “Be Real” rapper maintains it’s all rumors. Posting an onslaught of short tweets including “I’ll Stay In The Real World” and “Evil Hearts,” aka this is all a #hotmess (SMH) and ain’t nobody got time…Hopefully this won’t disrupt the grind and she surrounds herself in positive, focuses on the blessings at hand and keeps dropping videos, music and hot performances like she’s been doing.

As for FLY TYY one hopes this doesn’t get uglier, but this might not be the last we hear from him. Check the gallery up top for Dej’ tweets and the alleged screenshots.

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