(Photos) Police Mistake Fake Guns As Real Ones On A Movie Set!!

Linda Bergslian was on her way to ‘Classic Coffee’ in Southern California when she noticed a group of men with masks standing outside of the entrance. Once she noticed the masks, she saw that in their hands, they held guns. Immediately, she made a U-turn back to her car, where she called the police. Minutes later, every officer on-duty arrived to the scene.

(Video) Did You See THESE Video Game Sex Scenes?!

Every ‘Hard Core Gamer’ has run across sex scenes n Video Games, it’s not only the norm, it’s something we Really look forward to(0_0), but the question is has the average non hardcore gamer seen them?! Well you can see a few after the Jump!

(Photos) Kurt Cobain Suicide Scene Photos Released

Finally photos of Kurt Cobain’s suicide scene have been released, it has been 19 years since he committed suicide, he was 27 years old. The fame and success had become too much for him and he opted out, saying that his wife and daughter would have a better life without him. Check the gallery for the pics of the scene.

(Video) Joe Budden – “Castles”

A hot track out right now, is by Love & Hip-Hop: NY’s own Joe Budden. “My castle starting shrinking,” is one of the lyrics from Joey’s new hit. Joe puts his emotions on a sleeve in this one, and we get some great scenery as he drives through the town and stands atop roofs. Drop down bottom and check out, “Castles“.

(Photo) Well, Looks Who’s Back On The Scene – Casey Anthony

The woman who’s nationally known for being found NOT GUILTY of murdering her daughter back in 2011 has crawled from under her rock. After filing for bankruptcy a while ago, Casey is now on her way to court to see if she could get out of owing about $800,000 to about 80 creditors. Check her out down below. Looks like she’s dyed her hair again and it’s grown.

(Video) Cougars On The Prowl!

Yes, we are all familiar with cougars by now.  Ever since Finch had sex with Stifler’s mom, we haven’t been able to deny the fact that there are women over their 40s looking to hook someone in their 20s.  It is what it is, but now in the era of capturing everything on reality TV, the cougars aren’t an exception.  TLC is following fabulous women who are suddenly divorced and back on the mean dating streets, probably will be hilarious! Hit the jump for a clip. Steph B

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