(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin & Jimmy Butler Ready to Battle ‘Space Jam’ Monstars in New Jordan Ad

A few months ago, Michael Jordan said he preferred Blake Griffin to be the star if there was a Space Jam sequel ever made.  Well, now he got his wish, sort’ve.

NBA: ‘Space Jam’ Director Says LeBron James & Stephen Curry Aren’t Michael Jordan

The 20th anniversary of the cult classic Space Jam passed just a couple of days ago on Nov. 15.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Joe Pytka talks about the first movie, which athlete he turned down who asked to make a sequel, and why LeBron James and Stephen Curry can’t fill Michael Jordan’s shoes although LeBron is set to star in Space Jam 2.

NBA: ‘Space Jam’ Returning to Theaters Next Month For 20th Anniversary

There’s been a lot of talk about LeBron James and “Space Jam 2,” but here’s your chance to watch the original movie in theaters one more time.  Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny are returning to the big screen for the 20th anniversary of the 1996 cult classic.

(Video) NBA: James Loves Jordan But Does Jordan Love James

So…is there some underlying issue going on between Jordan and James? I mean, why can’t the best and the best be down? Check out some recent goings on…

NBA: Original Space Jam Director Says Part Two With Lebron Is “Doomed” And It Shouldn’t Be Done

Joe Pytka directed the 1996 blockbuster version of “Space Jam” which of course starred Michael Jordan and did serious numbers at the box office. Whether it’s hate or just some insight from someone who has been through it, Pytka is saying “Space Jam 2” essentially has no chance to succeed and they should drop the idea before it’s really too late. Well damn!

(Video) NBA: Magic Johnson Says LeBron James Can Be Better Than Michael Jordan in Space Jam

Once again LeBron James has some big shoes to fill, being compared to Michael Jordan.  James has been touted as the new MJ since he was in high school and his NBA career is often pitted against Jordan’s.  Now LeBron will have to try and do better than Michael Jordan on the big screen.  Jordan starred in Space Jam in 1996, it became a cult classic and the highest grossing animated movie at the time.  James will officially appear in the sequel, Space Jam 2 and Magic Johnson says LeBron could be better than Jordan.

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