(Video) NBA: LOL Barack Obama Trash Talks Paul Pierce After Hitting Game Winner in Pickup

Monday was the annual White House Easter Egg Roll event and a few basketball players were on hand thanks to NBA Cares, including newly elected Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo and Washington Wizards John Wall and Paul Pierce.  Everyone knows the President loves basketball so with a few players on hand, there was a pickup game.  “The Truth” got a taste of his own medicine as Barack Obama trash talks Paul Pierce after hitting game winner.

(Video) NBA: Joakim Noah Calls LeBron James a ‘P*ssy’!

No matter what team he plays for, whenever LeBron James plays the Chicago Bulls the game is always intense.  The reason for that is Joakim Noah.  The Bulls center is not very fond of King James, ok let’s be real, he HATES LeBron and has no issues letting it be known.  On Sunday the Bulls played the Cleveland Cavaliers and things got heated yet again.

NBA: LMAO! Michael Jordan Has No Chill, He Even Talked Trash To Extras In “Space Jam”

Michael Jordan is known for being the best basketball player to ever grace the court, and he is known for his trash talk game just as much. MJ didn’t care who you were, friend or foe, he was relentless with his talk on the court and it was known to frustrate some of the greatest players themselves. Apparently MJ has no idea how to turn it off thanks to this great story the happened back when they were filming “Space Jam”. Even extras on the set were victims or Jordan’s legendary talk.

(Photos) NCAA: Kentucky Destroys West Virginia To Remain Undefeated, Then Attack West VA Player On Twitter

Leading up to their Sweet 16 game Thursday night, some West Virginia Mountaineers were vocally confident about their chances against the unbeaten Kentucky Wildcats. The key quote from freshman guard Daxter Miles Jr.: “Salute them to getting to 36-0. But tomorrow they’re gonna be 36-1.” Well, the Wildcats did not let that happen, as they spoke with their play (a dominant 78-39 win) and their tweets. Check the gallery!

(Video) NBA: Reggie Miller Shares What Happened The One & Only Time He Tried To Trash Talk Jordan

Reggie Miller came into the NBA with plenty to say and never shut up. While on the Jimmy Kimmel show, he spoke of his rookie year when he ran into Michael Jordan during a preseason game during the 1987-88 campaign, and made the fatal error of talking smack to MJ (who went on to average 35 points a game that season.) Mike quickly showed young Reggie who the king of the court was. Miller also tells of a great story about losing a bet to New York Knicks superfan Spike Lee and getting the cold shoulder from an imprisoned Mike Tyson.

NBA: Throwback! Legend Dominique Wilkins Shares Larry Bird Trash-Talk Story & Life As A Rookie

Dominique Wilkins talks about being punked as a rookie in the NBA, re-telling the story of the EPIC Game 7 Duel between Wilkins and Larry Bird in 1988. Bird, known for his trash-talking & threes going in like water, told Wilkins it wouldn’t be easy & made it hard the new, young rookie!

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