Tech: Google, Ford and Uber Join To Make a Lobbying Group For Self-Driving Cars!!

Google, Ford, Uber, Lyft, and Volvo have come together to create a coalition aimed at pressuring government into allowing self-driving cars on the road!

(Video) Here’s What An Apple Dashboard Will Look Like In Your Car!!

Apple, the #1 brand in the world is truly about to keep blowing up!! Recently announced, Apple has made a deal with 3 car manufacturer’s, Benz, Rari, and vovlo, but that’s just the beginning, after this initial launch, they will expand to Ford, Nissan, Honda, chevy(like they listened to Joell Ortiz or something), and more than likely every car made, except maybe the car’s Google makes driverless!

Justin Timberlake Drops The Dates For The 20/20 Experience World Tour!

This is going to be a busy summer for the ex-N’Syncer. Justin Timberlake took to his instagram to let us all know that he’ll be dropping Vol. 2 of “The 20/20 Experience” on September 30th. Now, JT releases the dates for his upcoming North American tour, The 20/20 Experience World Tour. The tour will start in Montreal, QC and Raleigh, NC on May 7th, and while the last show says St. Paul, MN and Omaha, NE for the 29th of May, there will be more dates will be announced at a later time. Two shows a day in totally different locations? Check this guy out! For all dates in-between, drop down bottom and check it out.

Auto:(Video) Volvo Employee Attacks Cameraman

Well dam! Is it really that serious man? Apparently so. This Volvo engineer was out testing a unreleased car, the XC40, when a photographer caught a few spy shots of the car. That didn’t sit too well with the engineer who stops the car and literally tries to attack the cameraman and break his camera. Dude is corny for this though, because at the end of the day, when car companies are testing cars that the public has not seen yet, they really do want a few shots of the car to be captured, cause that is how more hype builds around the car. Volvo has since apologized to the photographer and all is well, but things could of gone alot different on this day if the cameraman was more of a gangsta’ at heart. Check the video below..what would you have done? I’m guessing most of you will say you would of beat the s**t out of the engineer.

Auto Talk: Volvo recalls 2011-2013 S80 sedans over transmission software

Volvo has announced the automaker is recalling certain 2011-2013 S80 models over faulty transmission software. The campaign covers a total of 1,469 vehicles, which may have a software error that could prevent the transmission from downshifting from fifth to fourth gear when it should. If that happens, the engine could stall, thereby increasing the chances of an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Volvo will upgrade the transmission control module free of charge. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Volvo In Talks With Potential Partners For North America Vehicle Output

Volvo Car Corp., the Swedish automaker owned by Chinese manufacturer Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., is seeking a partner to build vehicles in North America. Click below to read the rest of the story. Funk Flex

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