Apple car Look
Apple, the #1 brand in the world is truly about to keep blowing up!! Recently announced, Apple has made a deal with 3 car manufacturer’s, Benz, Rari, and vovlo, but that’s just the beginning, after this initial launch, they will expand to Ford, Nissan, Honda, chevy(like they listened to Joell Ortiz or something), and more than likely every car made, except maybe the car’s Google makes driverless!

Tat Wza

I mean this is going to be pretty amazing, once EVERYBODY has it!! For now only the well to do, to moderately rich can have it because it’s starting off in 3 upperclass vehicles. The dopest Tech site in the world, Engadget took time to get ‘Hands-On’, like to see it, here it goes;

Any thoughts??