Ok This really comes from my team asking me “what is this Google+?” “How does this work?” “How do I use this?”. All really valid questions, so to not have to repeat myself multiple times, we’re gonna do a simple walk through of what’s going on in Google+, and I’m sure Most of you tech savvy social media using people won’t need this, But should you not know what the hell your doing, check it out!!
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ok so 1st you get your invite, then you except, duh right, but I’m just trying to make sure everyone is good!
So you’re ready to get started, Let’s Do it, 1st you hit the +Name button, i.e. mine is +TAT….

Then hit the Home Button.

And You’ll See this Page…

1st thing I suggest the 1st thing you really do is Hit your Profile and Fix that up, so when people find you you’re set up…

1st thing you see are the things you’ve posted on Google+, which will be light or not there if you’re just getting on, but if you’re a G+ Pro, you don’t even need this tutorial…

But You’ll want to hit the “About” while in Profile and fix up what You want people to know about you….

Just hit Edit in the upper Right hand corner, and change what you want in the about, after that upload some Photo’s or video’s….

Now last but not least while in Profile you can see anything that you +1’d while on the Web (once again if you’re just starting out, this may be empty)…

As you except your G+ I’m sure mounds of your friends are on by Now, so anybody that is in your gmail address and is on G+ all you have to do is add them in your circle(you’ll know if they are on G+ if their pic shows in, Now that your Profile is either together or at least you know how to navigate it, let’s go back to your circles, because your circles, are your friends/followers that you choose to interact with….

Now you can see the people in your gmail address book and add them to the circles you Deem appropriate, and you can see who’s on G+ already with their picture being in their contact, and if they’re not it will be blank(and don’t worry, if they’re not on, they still get an email of conversations’s and things you share with them)….

Then Set Up your Circles based on How you want to talk to people, Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Or Customize your own like #IFWT Fan, #IFWT, Hot97, Would Like to get to know, Hip Hop, Blogs…Whatever, it’s up to you….


(Hot97 is Still Getting On G+)

Now you have spent time to hook your Profile, and Circles, you’re ready to start living with your G+, Hit the Stream Button to see what people in your circles are doing(posts)…

You can hit the stream separate for each circle there on the side, and you can +1, Comment, or share these posts…

And when you’re ready to post things yourself, just type or paste what you want in, Add Photo/Video/Link/Location, Then Add whatever Circle/Individual you want to see this Post, even make it public so people not in your circles can see it….

Now that You Have that down, let’s explore, You can either find what Sparks you like, which are subjects you and other’s on G+ find interesting together and posts and info(which you can +1, or share) about those subjects are in Sparks…

Or You can See The Photo’s You’ve posted, or people in your Circles, just hit the Photo Button…

See Photo’s, Share, Comment, +1….

Or Say you feel like Video Chatting with people in your Circles, You need to start a Hangout…

Then set up your Hangout and Hangout….

That’s about the Jist of it, as you move around on G+ you will really get how you want to use G+
Now you can stay on G+ by either Android App, or iOS App, Chrome App, and/Or Mac OS App….

And While your at it, add everyone you want to be on G+ with you(well up to 150)

Add People, Spread Love, The Brooklyn Way….

And With Google+ Adding realtime Results(like they used to do Twitter), It’s Only gonna Grow(Pause)

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