Three Pennsylvania men are facing burglary charges after one of them sat on their cell phone and mistakenly dialed 911. This self-inflicting call was the one that led police right to them.


The alleged robbery occurred at a garage on the 500-block of Harber Street in New Castle, Pittsburgh.
The truck was pulled over shortly after and the three men arrested.

Goode, Bundy and Taylor face charges of criminal conspiracy, burglary, criminal trespass, receiving stolen property and marijuana possession.
Goode also faces a driving violation charge.

The trio joins the ranks of America’s most clueless criminals.
Earlier this month, Stephen Daniel, 21, held up a petrol station in Snellville, near Atlanta, Georgia, with a police officer queuing just a few feet behind him.
And in late September, a bank robber dubbed the ‘Where’s Waldo’ bandit was arrested after boasting about his raid on Facebook.