Ok so I initially saw a post on TC about adding writers to your google+ Circles, but I went to try that out for myself, and found a couple more interesting facts, Hit the Jump to Examine for yourself!!

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WZA on Google+

So when I put in the site name with Google+ to see if any of us came up to just add in circles from search page, I noticed they have a NEW side Tab that will show you Exactly what that link is before you click it:

So I continued on with Different Searches, still looking to see an add to Circles button, this time with a specific name(mine), and still see the NEW view arrow(This Time showing Dj Bobby Trends’ Site threw Up My Google+ Tutorial, GOOD Looking Trends!!!!):

Then I put in just my name, No Added Words, and My Twitter Pops up 1st(which means I’m stronger on Twitter than Google+), still with the side arrow:

And I noticed some Options with the Twitter, Like adding to share the persons Twitter(Mine) with my ‘Friends’ on Google:

And After Clicking “Yes” to see what will happen, it asked IF I would like to share with my Public Google Profile:

In which it added ‘Privately to my google Profile o_0:

So I’m like ok cool, So anyone who looks me(or anyone) up on Google, they are still able to find Twitter, Cool, but all the while I never saw the ability to add to circles from the search, I guess it’s still rolling out, and Not on every Browser yet, but Here is what it will look like via Tech Crunch:

So Be prepared for that -_-