Angry Birds fanatics get even more Angry Bird action with the Facebook port. New features and levels exclusive have been added to the Facebook version. Check out the full scoop after the jump.




Shotta Dru on Google+

As of November, Angry Birds has been downloaded for various gaming platforms over 500 million times. But just in case you haven’t already gotten your fill of the tremendously popular physics puzzle game on your mobile device of choice, Rovio launched Angry Birds for Facebook on Tuesday.

Angry Birds on Facebook is not just another port of the mobile app. While it doesn’t exactly reinvent the series, this version is a bit deeper than you might expect.

The new browser-based version of Angry Birds comes loaded with a slew of new features including exclusive levels, social gaming integration (allowing you to do things like keep track of, and compete against, your Facebook friends’ high scores) and several all-new power-ups. Some of the more interesting new powers allow you to trigger “birdquakes” to take out your pig nemeses or “super seeds” that instantly bulk up your birds.

Rovio has also implemented some social gaming features to keep you thoroughly immersed in the experience, such as daily rewards for continuing to play. And you can of course bombard your Facebook friends with those annoying virtual gift notifications to lure them into playing the game, too.

One of the more impressive things about the game is how sharp and vibrant the picture quality is compared to the iOS versions, especially if you have it running on a decent monitor. It takes advantage of Adobe Flash Player 11, perfect for the series’ colorful visual style.

Angry Birds is still in beta, so you may encounter some technical issues. For instance, at the moment the game doesn’t run as smoothly when you have it up and running in Internet Explorer 8.

Rovio has said that it is committed to introducing more features and improvements to the Facebook game as time goes on, calling the launch “just the beginning” in a statement Tuesday.