As an Arkansas couple were getting interviewed on NBC about the aftermath of the hurricane, a random 22-year-old man came out of the woods naked and started strutting around. Click below for the hilarious video.

Melissa Nash

An 83-year-old Arkansas woman was shocked to find a tree had crushed her home last weekend — and then bared a second surprise when she witnessed a naked man emerging from the woods the next day.
The bizarre display was caught by NBC affiliate KARK, which was covering the aftermath of the Saturday night storm in Saline County.
Eva Halpain was being interviewed in her yard Sunday with her partner, John Manassel, and told the station how devastated she was to find a felled tree that basically cut her house in half.
The woman said she had been at a friend’s house to watch a pay-per-view football game during the incident.
“Nothing bad like this has ever happened to me,” Halpain told KARK.
Then, as the cameras rolled, Halpain’s and Manassel’s eyes widened to find a young man in the buff walking out of the woods.
“What is this out there that we got?” John asked.
Halpain’s son, Jim, who had been watching the scene unfold, is heard on the video saying he doesn’t know the stark-naked stroller. He then calls 911.
“I have a naked man standing out in the middle of the damn street with his privates in his hands just standing out there,” Jim Halpain told a dispatcher.
“That’s right, ma’am, buck naked,” he added. “No shoes, no socks or anything.”
According to Saline County sheriff’s deputies, it was 22-year-old Nathaniel Koba, who was allegedly high on drugs when he decided to strip down and parade outside naked.
Since Koba was in his birthday suit, it took authorities a while to confirm his identity, according to KARK. A sheriff’s deputy put on a pair of gloves before arresting him.
Koba was charged with public intoxication and indecent exposure, and was being held at the Saline County Jail.
Although he was nude, he refrained from any vulgar acts, KARK said.