(Video) Naked Man Jumps From a Cop Car and Sprints!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the hood…

(Photos) Man Gets Naked In Protest After Not Being Allowed To Board His Flight

When US Airways denied an elderly man access to a flight from North Carolina to Jamaica, he decided that he would get naked as a way to protest the airline. The flight was overbooked and the man was repeatedly told that he would not be able to board the flight, the more the flight attendants told the man ‘no’ the more angry he became. Read more and check the pics after the jump.

WTF! Cops Bust A Naked Man Riding A Tricycle While Chewing What???

This is the most disgraceful story I’ve ever stumbled upon! A New Jersey Man was arrested for riding a children’s tricycle BUTT A** Naked, (No Clothes On, Not even a sock)! The man was high on cocaine and was chewing tobacco and GLASS! Check out the crazy details!

(Video *Warning 18+*) Blame It On The Molly! Man Does WHAT On A Bus?!

Blame it on the Molly! A man decided to do something crazy on a bus in Philly because he was under the influence or at least rumored to be. Although it wasn’t confirmed by anyone that he was in fact on something, we can make the assumption due to his crazy actions. Watch more below if you’re 18 and older. Julie A.

(Video) LOL! Naked Man Comes Out Of Woods During An NBC Interview

As an Arkansas couple were getting interviewed on NBC about the aftermath of the hurricane, a random 22-year-old man came out of the woods naked and started strutting around. Click below for the hilarious video. Melissa Nash

(Video) Naked Man Shot After Being Caught Chewing Off Another’s Face!

In a zombie-like manner this naked man was shot dead after police officers tried to stop him from chewing off another man’s face.  At first the attacker got shot once and proceeded to chew on his victim’s face even after he was wounded!  All of this was caught on tape as an officer helped free the victim  from the naked man. Hit the jump. Steph Bassanini

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