When US Airways denied an elderly man access to a flight from North Carolina to Jamaica, he decided that he would get naked as a way to protest the airline. The flight was overbooked and the man was repeatedly told that he would not be able to board the flight, the more the flight attendants told the man ‘no’ the more angry he became. Read more and check the pics after the jump.

An eyewitness, Sherry Ketchie explained what she saw Wednesday afternoon in the Charlotte Douglas International airport. According to Ketchie when she arrived at the gate she could hear the man in the photographs arguing with the airline staff. They were trying to explain to the man that the flight was over booked and he would not be able to board that flight.

The man became more and more angry by the minute and according to Ketchie, “He just kept screaming ‘I’m not leaving.'” During the argument the man who was standing at first with his arms crossed, removed his shirt to reveal his bare chest and stomach. A few minutes later he retreated into the bathroom and when he returned to the gate, he was wearing nothing but his birthday suit !

If the sight of the elderly man being completely naked wasn’t strange enough the fact that he had a dramatic tan line around his lower body made him a sight to see.

Ketchie said, “I was in shock,I’ve never seen something like that in my life.”

Another eyewitness, a TV producer from England said, “I was laughing so hard I was crying at first,” she said. “But when I saw parents get their children out of the way I became concerned for their welfare.”

The man made his way back to the gate and continued to carry on demanding he be able to board the flight. Police officers arrived on the scene and took the man away naked in handcuffs. The man reportedly told police he took off his clothes because he was ‘hot.’

According to t he Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department the man “was suffering from a medical issue” and was taken for treatment. He will not face charges.

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Source NY Daily News