A Florida new channel is claiming that police officers botched up information that may have changed the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial. Even Anthony’s defense was hoping the police and the state didn’t bring the information into the trial because they knew it would have done some serious damage to their case. Orange County Sheriff’s Office failed to extract the information of Anthony’s Google search on the day that her daughter went missing and that’s why it was never brought up in trial. Read more below.

Julie A.

On the day little Caylee went missing, Casey searched for “how to kill with poison and fool-proof suffocation” on a computer that was password protected and Casey was the main user. The lead investigator of the case only submitted 2% of the computer use on that day, which included 1,247 search entries on suffocation. Now the sheriff has released a statement saying:

According to the report, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office allegedly possessed the evidence but failed to extract it and hand it over to prosecutors, which sheriff Captain Angelo Nieves now calls “an oversight.” Going on to tell WKMG: “This has been a learning experience for investigators as well.”