(Video) Casey Anthony Allegedly Admitted To Killing Her Daughter And Paid Her Lawyers with Sexual Favors

A private investigator has gone public with claims of ethical breaches by Casey Anthony’s lawyer. Dominic Casey, who used to work as a private detective for Anthony’s defense team, has filed an affidavit claiming that Casey Anthony admitted to killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. He has also made claims that the defense attorney, Jose Baez, of exchanging sexual favors performed by Anthony in lieu of payment. Read the rest of this story after the jump.

(Photo) Casey Anthony Rumored To Tell All In New Interview

Oh boy, it has been some time since we have seen her, but here she goes. Casey Anthony, 29, was seen after her flight had just landed in New York City on Thursday. The story is that she’s in town for an interview that could make her a LOT of money. Hit the jump for more.

Man Wants To Pay Casey Anthony $10K To Do WHAT?!

Casey Anthony might be seeing some serious money if she agrees to take this man up on his offer and since she is not getting any offer for paid interviews, she might want to take the money. Normally when a woman is in the media for something like this, she is offered some money to do porn but not this time. James M. Schober, who has no ties to Casey or her family, is willing to pay her $10,000 just to do one simple thing. Too bad for Casey that she owes $800,000 in damages. Find out what Schober wants Casey to do below.

Guess Who Filed For Bankruptcy?!

On Friday, Casey Anthony filed for Bankruptcy in a Middle District of Florida Bankruptcy Court. Anthony filed on the same day that it was announced that two of her convictions were thrown out of court. In the summer of 2011, Anthony was somehow found not guilty for the murder of her young daughter, Caylee. She currently owes over 100 people for legal fees and claims against her and that’s why she filed for Chapter 7. Read more below.

Did Police Botch Important Evidence In The Casey Anthony Trial?

A Florida new channel is claiming that police officers botched up information that may have changed the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial. Even Anthony’s defense was hoping the police and the state didn’t bring the information into the trial because they knew it would have done some serious damage to their case. Orange County Sheriff’s Office failed to extract the information of Anthony’s Google search on the day that her daughter went missing and that’s why it was never brought up in trial. Read more below. Julie A.

Casey Anthony Released and Free!

Casey Anthony has been released from probation and no longer needs to report to her officer. Last year, she was found guilty of check fraud and ordered to serve one year probation. Click below to find out more. Funk Flex

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