Many states are adopting a new ‘law’ that will protect employee’s social networking rights. Law enforcement is a popular one, but there are many businesses where you are asked to log into your Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking account. They then go through your stuff wether it be in front of you, or not to evaluate you either suitable or not for the position. People don’t make the same decisions in a business setting as they do on Facebook, which can be an issue for many.  For a select few states, there is no need for worry!

Tat Wza

California, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan and New Jersey all passed such laws. California and Delaware went another step further prohibiting college institutions from requiring students to disclose social media passwords or account information. California, the most proactive state in regards to ban, also applied ban to job applicants and public employees as well, not just existing & private employees. Want to see what the current legislation is in your State? Check Below!

Legislation Introduced for 2013