Yesterday I did a story about the rapper Game wanting you guys to help him pick the color of his new Fisker Karma that he was trying to pick up, which you can read about by clicking HERE. Well seems the people have spoken and the man that loves red just added a little more red to his life. He decided on the cranberry color Karma. In the pic it looks more like a fire red but that is only because the pic game posted was from Instagram. The ride definitely looks dope, and it looks like he couldn’t handle it. He posted a pic of him laying in the street in front of the car looking like he was ran over. But according to his post in Instagram it was just happiness that made him faint in front of the car. The Game has cars that are better than this one, so I don’t think the love affair will last too long. But in the mean time, check out the gallery after the jump and let us know whart you think. How many of you hit him up in Instagram and told him go red? P.S., Did I mention he bought 3 more Karma’s for his friends? Nice Guy