Crazy neighbor skips court and caught on tape.
A Florida community can’t stand one of their neighbors, and they say he has been terrorizing them for years. He was due in court for his acts, but why didn’t he show up?


Mitchell Igleko threw nails on a driveway, threw eggs at a home, and threatened to kill his neighbor. He has been arrested in the past for criminal mischief and stalking. He was set to appear in court for a restraining order placed upon him, but he didn’t show up. The same surveillance system to catch him vandalizing, was the same system to catch him skipping his court date. The lawyer of Igelko stated he was recovering from ammonia; being discharged from the hospital three days before court. However, surveillance caught him doing yard work!

This guy is a damn fool! He already got caught doing mischief on surveillance cameras, and then he does yard work when he is supposed to be in court?! Get this dude away from this community!