Google Glass

A new competitor to Google Glass, Google’s buzzed about internet-connected glasses, has emerged on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. For those not familiar, crowdfunding enables entrepreneurs, manufacturers, artists and creators of all stripes to seek funding directly from their customers without going the traditional route of raising capital, developing a product and waiting for it to hit the market before getting money from the end user. Besides competing with Google, Apple might need to fast track their rumored iWatch to stay relevant. Click through the jump to see how much cheaper these are than Google Glass!

Tat Wza

The new connected glasses are called GlassUp and cost only $350, which pales in comparison to the $1500 Google is asking users to shell out for Google Glass. While Google Glass enables users to send and receive information like maps, text messages and emails, GlassUp is only capable of retrieving information from a smartphone connected via Bluetooth. That means no voice activated texting, directions or picture taking – think of GlassUp as an entirely passive screen that lets you check out on your smartphone, handsfree. Will GlassUp catch Google flat footed and get a jump on wearable tech by entering the bottom of the market? Would you drop $350 on glasses that make you look like Horace Grant? Peep the gallery for a look at Google Glass and its new competitor, GlassUp.

Via IndieGogo