IFWT_Mister Cee The Finisher
This saga has gone on for sometime now, ups and downs, tweets, IG comments on-air interviews. It’s finally time to hear the whole story, an honest explanation.

Tat Wza

Take it or leave it, Dj Mister Cee has come out and told everyone the honest truth behind all the allegations, and personal drama he and the whole Hot 97 fam has gone through. This interview is just as emotional as the last few years have been, Cee truly becomes who he is.

Cee says, He’s tired, tired of not telling you the truth. He admits to getting ‘Fellatio’ from a transvestite. He also states, no matter how you take that, he is not gay. He’s never had intercourse with a man from any angle.
Cee also let’s us know he didn’t want to come out with this information before for a few reasons. He didn’t want to put his family in a bad space, he didn’t want to let the listeners down, he didn’t want to let the Caribbean community down, and he didn’t want to let The station down. Ebro’s response was exactly what a lot of people have said, “Be Free Cee, Be Free”.

Funk joined the interview, super early for him, and with a lot of energy. Although it seemed liked he didn’t know what was going on at first, Flex was there to show our brother Mister Cee the support and love that a family member deserves at a difficult time like this.
If you are a Dj Mister Cee fan, if you’ve ever been to a party he Dj’d, or to Summer Jam during his set, you KNOW he is one of the Best to ever do it! Now it’s time to search yourself…time to see what you’re are made of, are you full of hate, or is this part of Mister Cee’s life have nothing to do with you? Can you recognize Mister Cee made history today, or are you so shmall that your little jokes all that you have???
Make sure you tune in at 12n, it’s gonna be a hell of a show!!!!

Oh and yes I’m that fast, it was just putting the audio in with the pics!!