Funk Flex Watches Dj Mell Starr Get Busy In #5MinutesOfFunk009

I know it’s been a sec since we dropped, and to be honest we were sitting on this for about a week or so to get the biggest concert on the planet out the ay so this gentleman can get all the shine he deserves…. Dj Mell Starr!!

Funk Flex With Just Blaze In #5MinutesOfFunk004 #TurntableTuesday97

On the heels of that last piece ?…., which one you ask, well 001-003 of course!! In all fairness it’s very difficult to follow up such fire, unless you’re following up with a Blaze… Just Blaze to be exact!!

(Video) DJ Shot Dead On Facebook Live

Facebook Live keeps capturing murders…

(Video) Travis Scott Kicks His DJ Off Stage For Sucking

La Flame Youtube Travis’ DJ for his recent Montreal gig really sucked and almost ruined the whole set, but Trav saved the fans concert experience before it was too late.

Man Arrested After Stealing Jewelry From Drake’s Tour Bus

Travion King, has now been arrested after police found a briefcase on him containing the missing jewelry from Drake’s tour bus. The jewelry belonged to Drake’s tour DJ.

(Video) NBA: Crowd Goes Nuts As Shaq DJ’s EDM Festival In Belgium

The crowd at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium, a three day non-stop EDM party, went absolutely insane when Shaq took over the turntables. He was on the set for about an hour and stuck with the theme of EDM music and as you will see in the video, he was really into it, along with with crowd. The festival attracts about 180,000 people over the weekend and you can bet seeing Shaq will be one of their favorite parts.

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