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Well ok Steve. Geez, we get it!  During an interview yesterday Panthers’ Steve Smith stressed that he & Kerry Rhodes ‘don’t go in the same circles.’  It’s not fair to jump to conclusions, but of course many fans think it’s because of all the gay rumors surrounding Rhodes.  Some also think that because of the rumors, that’s why Rhodes hasn’t gotten snatched up in the NFL.  I would like to believe that’s not true, but then I’d have to believe that unicorns exist. It’s such a shame.
Check out what Steve Smith had to say & weigh in….


Via DS:
Last week I wrote a post asking why free agent safety Kerry Rhodes couldn’t find a spot on an NFL roster. Charlotte radio hosts Taylor Zarzour and Marc James were wondering the same thing, and put the question to Panthers wideout Steve Smith, who was disturbingly insistent in rejecting the idea.
I don’t know Kerry. We don’t go in the same circles. We ain’t in the same circles. We ain’t in the same circles. I’ll let that be.