IFWT Winston x Chosen One

Shades of Tim Tebow on the campus of Florida State  where someone is making major coin off t-shirts depicting FSU QB Jameis Winston as Jesus Christ, and the university is trying to shut it down.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Winston’s become a Heisman frontrunner, scoring 6 TDs in just 2 games and an enterprising FSU fan decided to cash in.

The fan, who wants to remain anonymous, tells us he sold 100 of his “Chosen One” shirts for $20 a pop last weekend. $2,000 ain’t too shabby for a few hours work.

But a high-ranking source inside FSU’s Athletic Department tells us they’ve fired off a cease and desist letter to the fan out of concern sale of the shirts could get Winston and FSU in trouble.

We’re told the NCAA could punish FSU if it feels the school isn’t doing enough to prevent someone from profiting off a player’s image a right which is reserved for NCAA universities.

The other issue, according to our source, is a lot of people on the Tallahassee campus just think the shirts are sacrilegious.

For his part, the fan says he’ll be hawking the tees again during today’s home game.

By the way, Winston’s connected on 40 of 45 passes this year an astounding 88.9% completion rate! Pretty damn heavenly, if you’re a Seminoles fan.