Kanye west's reason for attack

He loves ’em, he loves ’em not. Recently Kanye West decided to play nice with paparazzi, even explaining his crazy photog confrontation that landed him in the court room this past month. To find out Yeezy’s explanation to his infamous run in at LAX, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Yeezus has spoken! West, admitted to the paparazzi that he forgot to address one issue when he did his interview with frenemy, Jimmy Kimmel, this past week. That issue was the show down with photographer, Daniel Ramos. Although Kanye admits that Ramos was setting him up and antagonizing him, he also revealed that it occurred at a very stressful period for him. He explained how his grandfather was dying at the time and just learning the news had pushed him over the edge. Poor Yeezy.