Steve Smith

Never a dull moment with Steve Smith and if I were Janoris Jenkins I’d take this threat seriously.  The Panthers defeated the Rams 30-15 today but things got real testy between Smith and Jenkins with the trash talk apparently going too far.

Shay Marie

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith and St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins went at it all game.  The two were seen barking at each other then on the next play Smith caught a pass from Cam Newton and juked Jenkins scoring a touchdown for the Panthers.  Adding insult to Jenkins broken ankles, Smith pointed at Jenkins and then began to dance in what appeared to be a mash up of Deion Sanders and Ray Lewis’ famous moves.

IFWT stevesmithTDdancing-1

After the game when asked about the situation Smith let reporters know what Jenkins had said and what he planned to do to him.

IFWT Voth x Smith 1

IFWT Voth Smith 2

When asked why he did the celebration Smith had this interesting tidbit to say…

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