Yesterday we shared a video of Jalen Rose predicting that Kevin Durant will end up leaving the Thunder and join Dwight Howard on the Rockets.  Some fans think he’s crazy and others think it could happen, but what does Kevin Durant think about it???  Check out what he had to say…



Via Newsok:

Q: Did you hear what Jalen Rose said about the Houston thing?

A: Yep.

Do you have any thoughts on that?
Nah, I’m here for the Thunder (laughs). I mean, that’s all I can say. I’m not thinking far down the line at all. It’s about today. Today we got better against the Chicago Bulls. I can’t tell the future. I can’t speak on that. That’s his opinion. I’m just going to keep playing for the Thunder. I love playing here.

People probably will continue to say that for the next three years.

How do you deal with that?
I mean, just let them know I’m not thinking that far down the line, I guess. I mean, I love my teammates. I love where I live. I love playing for this organization. So I’m just taking it a day at a time.


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