C’mon fellas!  How old are we?!  Am I really sharing a story about Lenny Dykstra & Mitch Williams getting into it at a mall?!?! Lol, SMH.  I guess there’s still some leftover hurt feelings?!  During an autograph signing at a Philadelphia mall, Mitch Williams confronted Lenny Dykstra…in front of fans.  Details after the jump…





At an autograph signing at the Granite Run Mall just outside Philadelphia, former Phils heroes Lenny Dykstra, Mitch Williams and Darren Daulton were chatting when things took a turn for the worse, according to Philly.com.

Reports on Twitter indicate that “Mitch slapped his [Dykstra’s] hand away and pushed him and said to Dykstra get the [bleep] out of my way. Dykstra said ‘Mitch I was just trying to say hi.’”

Daulton, who has brain cancer, was chatting with the two when Williams began to wander away from the group, according to video shot at the event. As he walked away, Dykstra reportedly told him, “Hey, don’t apologize.” At that point, Williams replies “Dude, it’s on camera. All you do is run your [bleeping] head.”

Two years ago, Dykstra admitted that he’s been in touch with everyone except Williams from that ’93 squad.

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