(Video) NBA: Fans Fall Out of Stands Trying to Get Stephen Curry’s Autograph

Stephen Curry is now a major superstar; fans show up almost an hour before games just to watch him warmup.  During the Warriors game against the Jazz in Utah, they did the same, watching the sharpshooter get some shots up.  As Curry was walking back to the locker room, he stopped to sign some autographs.  Unfortunately the railing gave way and the fans came crashing down.  Luckily no one was hurt.

(Video) NBA: LOL Warriors Fan Asks DeMarcus Cousins For Autograph, He Says: ‘I Ain’t Signing That Sh*t”

DeMarcus Cousins is in Las Vegas to watch the Sacramento Kings summer league squad and had a hilarious fan interaction.  It was more awkward than his run in with coach George Karl.

NCAA: WOW, This Former Big Time College Quarterback Says He Was Paid $160,000 For Autographs In One Season

With all the recent talk of college players either being suspended or under investigation for selling autographs this story comes at a great time. Usually I get very annoyed with former college players waiting until their campus life is long behind them to then wanna blow the whistle on something because it usually never affects them, but will affect future players at the school and the program itself. This is different however because it’s more about a situation and double standard, rather than a school itself. Former South Carolina standout Stephen Garcia said he literally pocketed about $160,000 for selling his autographs in college, meanwhile we are suspending kids currently for trying to make a few dollars?

(Photos) NFL: Johnny Manziel Tweets In Support Of Suspended Todd Gurley, Says He Should Get Paid!

Johnny Manziel knows a thing or two about having issues with the NCAA regarding autographs. Manziel was suspended for a game in college while under investigation for selling his autographs while he was still in school. For any normal person that is fine, but with the NCAA, players making money off themselves is a big no-no. Georgia running back Todd Gurley, who is currently a very strong candidate for the Heisman trophy was suspended indefinitely for allegedly selling his autograph for a measly $8-$25 a piece. They won’t even let a college kid live and make a few dollars without trying to ruin his career. Manziel tweeted in defense of Gurley and then explained Gurley should definitely be able to represent his own brand and make money. Hit the jump.

(Video/Photos) MLB: Lenny Dykstra & Mitch Williams Get Into Altercation During Mall Appearance

C’mon fellas!  How old are we?!  Am I really sharing a story about Lenny Dykstra & Mitch Williams getting into it at a mall?!?! Lol, SMH.  I guess there’s still some leftover hurt feelings?!  During an autograph signing at a Philadelphia mall, Mitch Williams confronted Lenny Dykstra…in front of fans.  Details after the jump…

(PHOTOS) Sports: Jackpot!! Real Life “Storage Wars” Man Wins Unit With Amazing Signed NBA Items!!!

Damn, this makes me want to go out & bid on some units! Lol. This guy pretty much just hit the NBA lottery  — no it’s not Jordan, but it’s still pretty great. He spent $300 on an abandoned storage locker in Maryland and man did it pay off. Check out what surprises he found…

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