IFWT_Cousins Karl

DeMarcus Cousins tweeted about George Karl being a snake in the grass after the Sacramento Kings new coach was reportedly pushing to have the franchise star traded.  During the Kings summer league game on Monday night, the two finally met face to face again and shook hands.  The exchange was pretty awkward but Karl spoke with the media afterwards and sounded optimistic about repairing their relationship.

“I just said hello to him this afternoon,” Karl told Yahoo Sports. “I don’t think it’s something we have to rush through. You got two guys that are very frustrated with losing, two guys that are somewhat stubborn and two guys that love to compete.

“Sometimes, that doesn’t work the first time you hang around. But you have to take your time to make it work. I’m very confident to make it work.”

When asked what he needed to do to reconnect with Cousins, Karl told Yahoo Sports: “Communicate. Get everything honest. Come to whatever you want to say, an agreement on what he wants from me and what I want from him. Just be professional about our jobs and communicate.”

Divac said he would play a strong role in helping Cousins and Karl get on the same page before next season.

“It’s going in a good direction,” Divac said. “I have a goal for the two to be in a great place. And they will be.”

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