Edward Snowden
As you may or may not know, Snowden is hold up in the Russia, which has caused issues between the US and Russia(As Snowden is considered a Traitor to the US for leaking NSA Docs, revealing the NSA spy habits), but this kicker is he made a video message for Christmas, and it was it was broadcasted in the UK, I heard it replaced the queens normal Christmas message, And the message isn’t even about Christmas, this guy has disrupted the world!

Tat Wza

Although this message of privacy is correct, BUT for now, with all the crazy’s trying to hurt US citizen’s for the governments retardedness, I think the ‘spying’ is just, and once the gov turns that spying against us, that is when we revolt! Or should we stop it now to regain our privacy, and take some bombings on our streets in return?!?