IFWT_Jordan brand 2

We all know that the Jordan brand is a different type of monster — but WOW.  Earlier this week we shared that Michael Jordan himself still makes $80 million a year.  You think that’s a crazy number, wait until you see how much Jordan Brand products brings in!!  Bananas.  Check it out…



Via GMS:

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant all have their own signature shoes but the revenue of these compared to the money generated by Jordan’s brand, created by Nike, pales into relative insignificance.

Forbes reports that, in 2013 alone, US retail sales of Jordan Brand products, including the iconic Air Jordan sneakers, hit an enormous $2.25 billion, while Miami Heat star James was next in line with $300 million.

This latest Jordan Brand figure represents a 12.5 percent rise on the previous 12 months, and illustrates the stranglehold Jordan has of the market. Around 54 percent of basketball shoes sold in the US last year had Jordan branding.