A 21 year old man in Chicago had his ear ripped off by the brother of his underage girlfriend the NY Daily News Says. The brother ripped off the ear of 21 year old Jonathan Rios, after finding Rios and his sister having sex. To make matter worse, Rios got the 16 year old pregnant twice! Read this story after the jump !

Rios admitted to police he twice impregnated a girl who he began his relationship with two years ago when she was 14, the newspaper reported. The couple have a child together and the victim is now 5-months pregnant, authorities said.
But when the child’s brother came home Thursday he found the two naked in bed. They got into a fight that ended with Rios fleeing outside and running into police.

That’s crazy, now dude is in jail for sexual abuse, assault and a bunch of other Sh!t for a kid?! There are so many 18-20 year old thotties out here that fuXXXing, SuXXing, and Swallowing for a little hookah and a shot of Ciroc and you choose to mess with a teenager? His bail was set for $900,000 Dollars.