Floyd Mayweather made more money in literally one minute this past Saturday, than the average person will make in the next 15-20 years. Want more info to be envious about? How about he made more money in one second than you might make in the next 3-4 months. Yes we all know Floyd Mayweather is about his money and he makes sure he gets it. He made a guaranteed $32 million for his fight against Marcos Maidana and thats just upfront. He will probably wind up making another $38 million off of pay-per-view buys according to reports. That is a grand total of $70 million dollars for 36 minutes of work in the 12 round fight. It is alot of money but people forget the amount of dedication and hard work it takes to be at this level in boxing to where you can command this type of money. Hit the jump.


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