(AUDIO) The Break Down Of ‘ShEther’ Bar By Bar!

Last night, the internet was Lit the Fuc* up, It feels like Nicki Minaj took a terrible bath of L’s, and last night Flex decided, because of the reaction, break down shEther bar by bar!

(Photo) Apple Watch Cost $84 To Make ?

Apple Watch is being sold for $349+ but cost $84 to make ?

(Photos) Boxing: The Money Team Is No Joke! Check Out The Breakdown Of What Floyd Mayweather Earned

Floyd Mayweather made more money in literally one minute this past Saturday, than the average person will make in the next 15-20 years. Want more info to be envious about? How about he made more money in one second than you might make in the next 3-4 months. Yes we all know Floyd Mayweather is about his money and he makes sure he gets it. He made a guaranteed $32 million for his fight against Marcos Maidana and thats just upfront. He will probably wind up making another $38 million off of pay-per-view buys according to reports. That is a grand total of $70 million dollars for 36 minutes of work in the 12 round fight. It is alot of money but people forget the amount of dedication and hard work it takes to be at this level in boxing to where you can command this type of money. Hit the jump.

(PHOTO) Boxing: Good LAWD! Mayweather Breaks Down (Per Second, Minute) How Much He Made For Maidana Fight!!

I know I say this a lot, but it just fits — they don’t call him “Money” for nothing!  Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram & Twitter to let fans know how much money he made from his May 3rd fight with Marcos Maidana.  He broke it down per second, minute, round and total.  This just might make  you sick. Lol.  Check it out…

NBA:(Photos) Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Appears To Have Breakdown On A Chicago Street

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade has been through a lengthy, stressful back and forth court battle with her ex husband Dwyane Wade. It appears it is taking a serious toll on her. According to people close to her, ever since Wade was awarded full custody of the 2 sons the former couple had together, she has been extremely depressed. That is sad because regardless of what they were going through, she is still a mother. D-Wade pays her $25,000 a month in support and recently paid her a lump sum of $1 million dollars to finalize their divorce. I obviously do not personally know her, so I have no knowledge of what her intent was when she sat down in front of a building in Chicago with her handwritten signs, but from the looks of things she is not doing too well, not financially, but mentally. Hopefully she feels better soon. We have all been through bad breakups in the past, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Hit the jump to see the pics.

(Video) Wiz Khalifa Breaks Down “No Limit”

Wiz gives us a track-by-track breakdown with “No Limit”. O.N.I.F.C. on store shelves now! Biz Baby

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