This is some stuff straight out of the movies. I mean, come on, a hot girl with a nice ass, resembling the world’s favorite big booty celebrity Kim Kardashian, wielding a pink AK roaming around the drug cartel out for blood? If this doesn’t get made into a movie then someone’s sleeping on a pretty good idea. A group of killers hired by what’s said to be “the world’s most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world” has found a new leader in 27 year old, Claduia Ochoa Felix. Check out some pics of the long haired brunette after the jump!


Felix is said to be the leader of the assassin group “Los Antrax” who are employed by the Sinaloa Cartel, known to be the biggest and baddest drug cartel in Mexico. Felix is better known by her nick name “La Emperatriz de los Antrax” or The Empress Of Anthrax.

The Empress is said to have gained her throne after her significant other and former Antrhax leader, Jose Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, was arrested earlier this year.

Felix denies being part of the hit squad but until recently she was avidly exposing her lifestyle on social media platforms, a lifestyle which included her three kids. She even posting a pic of one of her kids covered bathing in cash. Now a quick google search will only lead you to a Twitter account which is no longer available and a ton of google images.

Even though no investigations have been launched against Ms. Ochoa Felix, the recent murder of a fellow young woman with ties to the Sinaloa Cartel, Yuriana Castillo, has people’s eyes open. Since Castillo’s killing last month there has been some serious speculation that the hit was actually meant for The Empress Of Anthrax herself.

Check out some more flicks of the lady killer in the gallery above!

SOURCE: NY Daily News