A mother of four was decapitated and dismembered over $200!! WOW!
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Chinelle Latoya Thompson Browne’s gut-wrenching screams “No, Leah! What you doing?, Oh, no! Oh, no! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”,were heard from a neighbor inside of their Brownsville apartment building on July 5th. According to officials, the neighbor also heard Leah Cuevas, cursing back at the woman telling her to “Shut the f*ck up”. Little did the neighbor know that Cuevas was doing the unthinkable. She was viciously attacking Browne, hacking away at her neck and torso, eventually cutting off the 27 year old’s head. The witness also told detectives that “the scare in (Browne’s) voice was like nothing I ever heard before”.

The court documents show that their was a dispute over rent and utility payments. Cuevas was charging Browne $400 a month for a room in her dead uncle’s Sumpter Street apartment, but according to court papers, she wouldn’t provide hot water or electricity. Since Browne wasn’t getting electricity she simply refused to pay $200 for it.

The last time Browne was seen was July 5th. On July 8th, her severed legs and torso was found in a municipal parking lot in Bay Shore. Police were able to identify her because of her tattoo. The next day, an arm was found on a lawn in Hempstead, a day after, the second arm was found. WOW!

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