(Video) North Carolina Teen Decapitated His Own Mother, Walked Outside With Her Head

18-Year-Old, Funes Machada called 911 after decapitating his own mother. He called authorities and waited for them to arrive. Upon their arrival, he walked outside holding a butcher knife and his mother’s head.

(Photo + Video) So Sad: 10-Year-Old Boy Decapitated After Ridng World’s Tallest Water Ride

The tallest water ride in the world is now being investigated after 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was decapitated upon riding. The ride is in Kansas City. The amusement park has been closed until authorities finish their investigation.

(Graphic Photos) Wow! Australian Terrorists Pose With Decapitated Heads!!

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage in chilling events happening all over the world. With the (still) missing Malaysian Airline flight, the flight shot down, and also the many troubles over Gaza. This one takes the cake. An Australian jihadist posed with decapitated heads from Syria on Twitter. See for yourself after the jump.

Say WHAT?! Brooklyn Mother Of Four Was Decapitated Over A $200 Electric Bill?!!

A mother of four was decapitated and dismembered over $200!! WOW! Read more of this unbelievable story after the jump…

So Sad: Young Man Decapitated By Remote Controlled Toy Helicopter

A young man was killed today in a Brooklyn park, when the blades of one of his remote-controlled copters scalped him, sources say. Roman Pirozek, 19, was flying the chopper at Calvert Vaux Park in Gravesend, when he lost control of the toy aircraft around 3:40 p.m., law enforcement source told The Post. The aircraft boomeranged and sliced off the top of his head – while people watched in horror. “I was playing at the park and we came into the clearing and we just saw a body on the floor, he was just decapitated, the whole top of his head was gone,” said Maria Delgado, 13. Pirozek was pronounced dead at the scene, the FDNY said. RIP!

(Video) Decapitated Snake Bites Itself!!!

Not sure if the snake was a victim of murder or suicide or both! What is for sure, is that a decapitated snake was alive on both sides. After losing it’s head, it’s body kept moving, only to be bitten by itself. The snake was captured in Alabama by Sam Billiter. Instead of leaving the extremely venomous snake alive, fearing for the safety of his wife, kid, and dog, Billiter decided to kill it and videotape the reaction. Check it out after the jump.

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